The South Central Chapter, like our parent organization, represents hundreds of airport management personnel at public use airports throughout our region. Our primary goal is to assist these professionals in fulfilling their responsibilities to the organizations and communities they serve, while providing individuals with support and continuing education. 

New Membership

Membership in the Chapter shall be dependent upon application made as prescribed by the Executive Committee and bearing the recommendation of one in good standing of the Chapter. New members shall be classified by the Chapter Secretary in accordance with their qualifications as described in Section I of the SCC Chapter Constitution & Bylaws. If you are interested in becoming a member, please take a few moments to view and print our Membership Application Form. We thank you for your interest in Chapter. 

Membership Categories

Membership in the Chapter shall be open to all those with an active interest in airports and the management and administration functions involved. Airport management and staff, corporate employees, and students are welcome and encouraged to join. Active members from within Region 4 of AAAE (Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Central America. Membership Categories are as follows:

Regular ($50 annually)- Individuals presently employed in active airport management positions within the South Central Chapter (Region 4). 

Associate ($50 annually) - Individuals not qualified for membership in any other category, but with a professional interest in airports and aviation. 

Corporate ($75 each or $325 for a group of five) - Groups of individuals with public or private business or organizations directly related to airports and/or aviation. 

Student (free) - Individual who is engaged in full-time graduate study in airport management or related field, at an accredited university, or who is engaged in full-time undergraduate study.

Honorary (free) - Individuals who, having demonstrated outstanding support of the Chapter and the development of professionalism in the airport management profession throughout their careers. (Voted by majority membership of Chapter)