About Us

Texas Airport Operators Association.  Bill Fitzgerald, Manager at Waco, played an important role along with Marvin Coffee in organizing the South Central Chapter.

Through the years, the South Central Chapter has taken a leadership position in many areas of professional development of its members.  Known as the diversity chapter and the education chapter, our association has lead the way in the development of our diverse membership with focused education programs to enhance the training and knowledge base.  An ARFF academy was an early program that benefited members with focused training for airport firefighters, but our premiere program is an accreditation preparation academy to enhance and assist members from all over the country prepare for the written test portion of the AAAE Certified Member and Accredited Member certifications.

The Chapter nominated and saw the first 2 female members of AAAE elected to the Chair of the organization.

More history of the chapter is being researched and will be added here as the members complete a venture to investigate and record the history of the chapter from inception to current day.